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$399 Special Package includes:

Consultation – 1 hour > Concept design, scripting, planning.

Production – 1 hour > Studio with videographer, teleprompter, camera
and audio package… or …
30 minutes > Location with camera, audio, and lighting package.

Editing – 2 hours > including graphics, motion graphics, music, narration,
one review with corrections, and internet upload.

Addition requests:

Production - $40 per 15 minute increments, with videographer and equipment.
- $50 per 15 minute increments, with teleprompter, camera, videographer and other equipment

Editing – $22 per 15 minute increments for Edit review and changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to shoot and complete my web video?
Generally, most are completed within thirty days from start to finish. It depends on how much you already have done, such as concept, scriptwriting, etc. The video shoot and editing are usually finished within two weeks. Some are completed in only a weeks time.

I'm not sure I know what to do for my video
That's what we talk about during our included one hour Consultation. We discover what you want to achieve… What your pitch should be… What we should show to be enticing to the viewer, etc. From there, a script begins to evolve which we will write together.

I'm not sure I should be the one on camera
That's entirely your choice. Some owners do really well and put a "face" to their business. Others may best serve their cause by not being on camera. Then, we can look at simply doing a "voice-over" narration, or hire a professional actor to be the on-camera spokesperson. We can help with that, either way.

If I'm on-camera, am I on my own or will you help out with that?
This is one of the benefits of hiring us. We have over 30 years of marketing experience in making TV commercials. We will be your director and producer. Our job is to make you look good… or we don't look good.

>What should I wear or not wear?
No flashy patterns. Best to go with solid colors that compliment your skin tones. And best not to wear large jewelry that will distract or cause audio problems. Think "business casual"… not alluring or sexy. You want to "business" impress.

What about make-up?
Make-up should also be "business" like. The camera won't like "evening" make-up. Even men can use a bit of forehead powder to reduce shining and reflections.

How do I get started?
It all begins with you contacting us… either by phone or email. We'll set an appointment for our initial consultation, and make the plans for the production. At this meeting we will require a $200 deposit to seal our agreement to go forward.

How do I get my finished video onto my website?
Once your video is approved by you, we will upload it to either YouTube, Vimeo, or similar hosting site. The site link will then be provided to your Web Master or web designer, or whoever is responsible for maintaining your website. That person can then insert the code onto your page for the video to playback there. We can also provide those service to you and give you an estimate of those charges.

What about QR Codes?… How do I get one?
There are many QR Code Generators available. Your Web Master should be able to do this for you, or we can provide this service too. Once the code square has been generated, you can simply copy it and have it printed on anything you want. When it's scanned by a QR Code Scanner, it will follow the link back to your website and playback the video from there.

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